Säästää energiaa jopa 85% verrattuna tavanomaisiin käyttövesivaraajiin.
E-comfort -vedenlämmitin on taloudellinen. Vesi lämmitetään suoraan, kun se virtaa lämmitysyksikön läpi. Lämmintä vettä ei varastoida säiliöön, mikä poistaa lämpöhävikin muodostumisen kokonaan.

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The next generation.

The new DEX Next is comfortable, economical and reliable. The high-contrast e-paper display behind the high-quality real glass cover is particularly impressive.
Awards E-comfort instant water heater DEX Next

> Electronically controlled comfort instantaneous water heater with real glass e-paper display and sensor keys for high ease of use
> The Multiple Power System MPS® determines the maximum power consumption during installation: 18, 21, 24 or 27 kW.
> TWIN TEMPERATURE Control TTC® for temperatures accurate to the degree between 20 °C and 60 °C up to the performance limit
> For water-saving taps suitable due to particularly low switch-on water quantity from 1.5 l/min thanks to innovative water flow technology
> Practically air-resistant heating system thanks to innovative heating channel arrangement
> Blankdraht-Heizsystem IES® ensures a longer service life, less calcification and is efficient and easy to maintain
> Electronic safety system with air bubble detection, temperature and pressure switch-off
> Module for radio remote control available as an accessory
> Can also be operated via tablet or smartphone (from iOS 9 / Android-OS 4.4) (this requires a FXE 3 radio adapter and the ”Smart Control” app)
> Dimensions (height × width × depth): 46.8 × 23.9 × 9.6 cm