6802 Vesihana, seinäkiinnitys




Vesihana, seinäkiinnitys

Piirros: doc 6802 (40,29 KB)

Bib tap for water, wall mounted

Options without price supplement:
– Dark grey RAL 7001
– White
– Black

Options with price supplement:
– Ceramic headwork
– Removeable nozzle


Media: Water
Maximum pressure: 10 bar
Fluid identification according to DIN-EN 13792: Green – Green – Blue/Red
Design according to DIN 12918-1
Nozzle according to DIN 12898
Main materials:
Body tap: Brass
Headwork: Elastomere / Brass, sealing by compression
Handwheel: ABS
Anticorrosive coating: Poliamide plastic, light grey colour RAL 7035