4830 TI/TS Hätäsuihkuasema omalla vesisäiliöllä, RST.


Hätäsuihkuasema omalla vesisäiliöllä, RST. Autonominen vedensyöttö (1500 l) painovoimalla

Piirros: doc 4830 TI/TS

Shower an eyewash with overhead tank in stainless steel. Autonomous water supply (1500 l) by gravity

MATERIALS: Tank, structure, piping and fittings in stainless steel.
WATER FILLING: Female thread ISO 228 G1″
WATER INLET PRESSURE: Recommended 2 bar / Min. 1.5 bar / Max. 8 bar

MATERIALS: Shower head in stainless steel.
FLOW RATE: Greater than 76 l/min.
OPERATION: Pull rod.
VALVE: Full bore valve 1-1/2″